Practical Information

  • Name : Tunisia Handicrafts Creation fair
  • Organizer : National Board of ONA crafts
  • Date : 22 to 31 March 2019
  • Frequency : Annual
  • Location : El Kram Exhibition Center
  • Opening hours to the public : Everyday from 10 to 19h
  • Entry fee : 1 DT

Location of the Exhibition Centre and Tunis World Trade Center: easy access and proximity :

  • Capital Tunis
  • Airport
  • Port of La Goulette 4 km from the Exhibition Center
  • Fast train from the city center, TGM : Airport Station Close to the touristic zone and resort area.

Visitors Parking

  • It has 1050 parking spaces
  • It is open for visitors during the event’s opening hours
  • The visitors parking is fully lighted
  • The visitors’ car park is neither guarded nor insured

Exhibitors’ parking

  • Exhibitors’ parking is located inside the fair grounds
  • The exhibitors’ parking is available during the assembly period, unwinding and removal of presentation events with a “vehicle access” badge. Access for exhibitors is free.
  • 250 spaces are available

Safety Instructions

The display of safety information is in the halls and at any public place in the Exhibition Center.

  • The exhibitor and its agents must respect the general rules of safety against fire hazards in host buildings

public host buildings (decree of June 25, 1980)

  • Visitors are invited to follow the safety instructions in case of emergency or evacuation

Safety System

Of the 40,000 m2 of covered area, the Tunis International Fairs company’s exhibition center has :

  • A generalized sound system (interior and exterior)
  • A 3-dimensional security system comprising :
    • Video surveillance cameras
    • Intrusion detectors
    • A round security guards system